Who are we?

The Mission

is to help companies or individuals to deliver scalable, resilient, transparent and extendable solution based, when it fits, on modern and latest technologies

is to discover possibilities that overcomes the limits and make a business successful in a long-term goal

is to have  fun, share experiences and overcome the limits


brining a value to desired solutions that comes from years of experiences by working on Distributed and Cloud systems

Core Values

Believe in modern technologies, standards and digitalization that makes our customer excited about the provided solution. 

Miroslav Wengner
Miroslav Wengner

Miro is the owner of Wengner IT Solutions, UG. He is a software engineer, architect and trainer with passion for a resilient distributed systems and a product quality. He is a co-author and contributor to the Robo4J project (reactive soft real-time framework for robotics/IoT). Miro contributes to OpenJDK, Java Mission Control Project and is involved in other open-source technologies. Miro helps developers to create a resilient and extendable solutions.   

Miro has been selected to Java Champions Program and recognized as JavaOne Rockstar